What does HP Arts do?

Studies show that students who participate in the arts stay engaged in school, pursue higher levels of education, have higher test scores and even perform better in science and mathematics courses.   Business leaders view the arts as crucial in preparing students to be creative and innovative contributors in the global marketplace. 

The mission of HP Arts is to fund and encourage arts enrichment and arts education in all four elementary schools, the intermediate and middle schools and the high school in the Highland Park Independent School District.  With many other school districts across Texas, HPISD is experiencing increasing financial pressure, and faces tough choices in funding curriculum and activities.

In the 25 years since its founding in 1987, HP Arts has distributed over one million dollars in funds contributed by District families and cornerstone benefactor La Fiesta de las Seis Banderas.

Recent Activity

In school year 2012-13, HP Arts received donations from over 800 District families and community members, along with a generous grant from La Fiesta.   Those contributions enabled HP Arts to fund $70,000 in arts education requests from District teachers, including the purchase of:

  • New brass instruments for the McCulloch Intermediate and Highland Park Middle School band programs;

  • New computers for the Highland Park High School photography classes;

  • New sound, editing and camera equipment for the Highland Park High School Film and Broadcast program;

  • New string instruments for both the middle- and high school orchestra programs;

  • A drum kit for HP Jazz, the jazz band of Highland Park High School; and

  • Music education software for all four elementary schools.

In addition, HP Arts provided funding for six art enrichment programs at the elementary schools, including visits by a poet-illustrator, Shakespearean actors, opera singers, artists and musicians.   Partnering with other funding sources, HP Arts assisted with the purchase of a new ceramics kiln for Armstrong Elementary.  HP Arts also contributed to the support of the Highland Park Literary Festival, and funded theater, dance, debate and orchestra workshops for Highland Park High School students.

In addition to providing funding for these programs, HP Arts expressed the community's gratitude to its Fine Arts teachers by hosting an afternoon reception for them in January 2013.   In April 2013, HP Arts recognized outstanding arts education and advocacy in the community by presenting two awards, one to a non-arts teacher who incorporates art into the curriculum and the other to community members who support the arts in the Park Cities schools.  And in recognition of student achievement in the arts, HP Arts awarded scholarships to two graduating Seniors, and prizes to nine Senior art students for the work.

HP Arts supports arts education from all angles - with funding, advocacy and public recognition.   None of it would be possible without the support of generous donors - thank you for your interest and support.